Duxius Rush
We are a Polish-German duo based in Berlin making advanced pop music i.e., catchy tunes for a musically mature audience. We combine the intimacy of chansons and ballads with the energy of rock and electronic music to provoke our audience’s emotions. We are Edyta Rogowska (vocals, keys, synths) and Alex Moore (guitar synths, bass, vocals). We move in a trilingual environment of English, Polish and German and so does our music. Having worked together for several years in our previous project “Two Times Twice” we found ourselves gravitating towards a shared creative space and musical mindset, where the sound is soft, melodic and slightly jazzy. Join us on our journey.
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Duxius Teraz twój ruch
Duxius Broken Promise


‘Broken Promise’ is the second single of the self-titled debut EP by Duxius, which will be released in summer ’21.

With its silky, dream’n’drift vibe the song invites you to unfasten your seatbelt and enjoy a pleasant trip.

Duxius Say Yes


Duxius’ first single is an energetic, positive and dancy affirmation of self-acknowledgement. 
In these unusual times, people are struggling with their own shadows, their own emotions and the challenge of isolation. “Say Yes!” was written for everyone who needs a little boost, a little encouragement and a spark of optimism. 
The song encourages you not to be afraid of saying yes: to say yes to your emotions, to your thoughts and to yourself. 
The song also marks the transition of the band to the new musical identity of Duxius.  
Go outside, take a deep breath, dance and say yes!
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